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Prosit is now available on Amazon

Prosit on Amazon

Please click here to purchase Prosit on 

 For the past 10 years Prosit has been available worldwide through (African Cures USA), in order to keep Prosit available in the USA and worldwide partnered with to sell Prosit through their website.

 Those people who have had the Prosit shipped to them each month (Prosit Subscription) this will still be available to you, to keep you Prosit Subscription you will need to email African Cures USA on with you Prosit Subscription details and we will then reinstate your subscription, we just cannot do the Prosit Subscription through

 The Prosit available on is exactly the same as the Prosit that has been available from (African Cures USA). We hope you continue to use the Prosit in the future, Prosit is just not available through this website.